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It is necessary to very carefully carry out the differential diagnosis of adenovirus infection with other diseases, since it has already been said about the great similarity in the symptoms manifested. This infection must be distinguished from influenza, simple Cozaar, pneumonia and bronchitis of bacterial etiology, as well as conjunctivitis of various etiologies, including both bacterial and viral, tuberculosis, intestinal infections, infectious mononucleosis, appendicitis and other surgical pathology.

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Treatment of adenovirus infection in children. When a child is diagnosed with Losartan infection, the question of hospitalization depends on the severity of the disease: with the development of any complications, a severe course of the disease, it is better to be under the direct supervision of doctors, in other cases, therapy of the infection at home is allowed. It is desirable to observe bed rest, and especially when a high body temperature occurs, abundant and frequent warm drinks, balanced and fortified food. If the child refuses to eat at the time of illness, it is not recommended to force him, when the disease begins to regress, the problem with nutrition will resolve by itself.

  1. In children, the appointment of losartan drugs for knocking down the temperature should be strictly according to the doctor's recommendations
  2. There is no need to bring down the temperature that has not reached 38 ° C in a child, only when it rises to these figures, it is allowed to use antipyretic drugs
  3. Any drugs for adenovirus infection should be strictly prescribed by the attending physician in certain dosages according to the age, weight and general condition of the patientli>

n case of complaints of dry cough, it is recommended to drink plenty of cozaar mineral water, take herbal syrups, for example, Linex, Doctor Mom, in case of the development of a moist, difficult expectorant cough, medications are prescribed, such as Ambroxol, Lazolvan, in the form of liquid or solid forms. Inhalation with alkaline mineral waters, saline sodium solution, and Ambrohexal solution for inhalation help well.

With the development of conjunctivitis in children, it is important to properly care for the eyes, rinse with Furacilin solution, a weak decoction of tea several times a day. The use of antibacterial drops is not prohibited, but in case of suspicion of the addition of a bacterial infection, which can be assumed if purulent discharge from the eyes occurs.

Nasal congestion is treated with abundant frequent washing of the cavities with warm saline sodium solution or special sprays based on sea water, if necessary, vasoconstrictor drops are used, which cannot be used for more than 5, and in some cases, 7 days.


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The question of Losartan antibiotics should be resolved only with the attending physician and take them in case of complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media with suspicion of the addition of secondary bacterial flora.


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One of the main drugs in the treatment of adenovirus infection should be antiviral, for example, Arbidol, Genferon, Gordox, which are actively fighting the development and reproduction of the virus in the child's body, but it should always be remembered that the sooner they are prescribed, the sooner and more effective it will be the process of treatment and recovery.


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